GD_BannerWe are casting for a Staged Reading on Jan 12th and 13th at Theater Puget Sound! Please contact us with which character you’re interested in auditioning for.

Location: Theater Puget Sound
Rehearsals: Jan. 7th – 11th (6pm – 9pm)
Performance: Jan. 12th (7pm – 10pm), Jan 13th (5pm – 8 pm)


Larry, Lead Engineer
the Lead Engineer at Future Games; he’s a geek, an introvert, and is still a virgin; when Leah, the Executive Producer, asks Larry out on a date, hilarity ensues.

Ellie, Lead Artist
a badass independent girl; she doesn’t take shit from anyone; she loves anime, video games, and nerf guns. Ellie’s dream is to create her own comic book Space Kittens.

John, Lead Designer
a bit of a geek but not the awkward kind; John is an extrovert and loves all sorts of video games and Star Wars; John and Ellie, the Lead Artist, have a friendly rivalry in workplace eating contests and nerf wars.

Richard, CEO of Future Games
the CEO of Future Games; Richard’s primary goal is get rich enough to buy stupid unnecessary things; Richard also spends his work hours secretly sexting other men.

Teresa, QA Lead
all business; testing is demanding, thankless work, and it’s made Teresa short and to the point.

Nicole, Associate Artist\Tester 1
an associate artist at Future Games; she loves being part of the games industry and specifically participates and encourages workplace eating contests and nerf wars. This actress will also play the role of Tester 1. Tester 1, like all testers, has to deal with the fact that she’s treated like a nobody.

Sam (Samantha), CEO of Digital Arts
the CEO of Digital Arts, the publisher that pays all the bills for Future Games; when Digital Arts buys Future Games, Sam steps up to take over operations; Sam is a ruthless businessperson who enjoys making people work.

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